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Kreative Constructs is clothing brand created by artist for artist.The company was founded with creativity,culture, and community at its core. 


Kreative Constructs was established in 2014 by brothers Michael and Jordon. Both brothers come from an artistic family, and have backgrounds heavily entrenched in the arts. Michael is a writer and poet, and Jordon is an aspiring musician. They both also have interests and passions that span into multiple medias such as music, film, art, gaming, and fashion. The brothers took their passions and condensed them into one vision, Kreative Constructs; a company they established with creativity, culture, and strong sense of community at the core of its philosophy.


With Kreative Constructs, Michael and Jordon look to embolden the artistic minded towards positive movement in the artistic community and home communities. As Kreative Constructs operates, it will look for ways to support both communities. Both brothers are strong believers that with stronger communities, we amplify and reinforce the hearts, souls, minds, and voices, of the people.

chromadepth 3d artofdave  art of dave dave warner  fan art  anime

chromadepth 3d artofdave  art of dave dave warner  fan art  anime

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