Justin's lifelong love of all things pop and comic have fused with his obsession of the gestural, loose and energetic, creating a series of figure drawings known simply as 'SQUINTS' that he sells prints of online and at comic conventions nationwide. 


Justin painted the end title sequence for Marvel's THOR: The Dark World, as well as contributed concept designs for Amazing Spider-Man 2. Up next, CLAUS Studios developed, designed, animated and produced the end title sequence for Reel FX's and FOX's 'The Book of Life, an animated film coming out October 17th, 2014.


CLAUS can take an idea from concept to completion, thanks to a talented team of fellow craftsmen/collaborators, specifically tailored for each and every challenge.


Above all else, CLAUS strives to produce original, heartfelt and humorous stories that connect and resonate with audiences of all ages.

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chromadepth 3d artofdave  art of dave dave warner  fan art  anime