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Three dimensional puzzles that recreate the look of the real thing, Bonelab models can be easily assembled by anyone. Forget glue and fancy tools...all you need is a couple of fingers.


Bonelab is the creation of Greg Peltz, an artist living and working in the bay area. Greg likes making things…especially three dimensional things. He also likees cool-looking geeky science stuff, especially when it can sit on his desktop. Bonelab is his attempt to marry both into something akin to the building toys he loved as a kid (and still loves as a big kid.) If you like putting together puzzles and have an appreciation for the inherent beauty and coolness in nature’s brand of structural engineering, He hopes you enjoy his little creations! Each one is designed and produced by Greg out of his home in San Francisco.

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chromadepth 3d artofdave  art of dave dave warner  fan art  anime

chromadepth 3d artofdave  art of dave dave warner  fan art  anime

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